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DC12V/13.8V/15V 4/8A 4/8CH Outdoor Power Adaptor

Model PS-DC4A4P/8A8P
Color White
Spec Outdoor Rainproof Power Adaptor DC 12V or 13.8V or 15V, switch control, Each voltage has LED indications

DC12V/13.8V/15V 4/8A 4/8CH Outdoor Power Adaptor


PS-DC4A4P/PS-DC8A8P is a DC12V/13.8V/15V 4A4CH/8A8CH outdoor rainproof power adaptor, DC12V output can be compatible with most security equipment on the market.


  • Outdoor Rainproof Power Adaptor

  • Input AC 100V ~ 240V, 50~60Hz

  • Adjustable output voltage, switch control

  • Each voltage has LED indications

  • DC 12V / 13.8V / 15V 4A/8A 4/8CH power supply

  • PTC fuse output protection for each port

  • PTC rated value: 30V1.35A

  • Individual status LED indicator for each output

  • Short circuit protection

  • Over-temperature protection

  • Overcurrent and overload protection

  • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection

  • Auto-reset on all fault conditions

  • Wide operating temperature range



Power Input

Input VoltageAC input, 100V ~ 240V, 50~60Hz
Input Fuse Rating3.15A250V
Power OutputOutput VoltageDC 12V or 13.8V or 15V,switch control, Each voltage has LED indications
Total Output Current4A/8A
Output channel number4/8 channel
Each ch output current1.35A max, PTC fuse output protection for each port
Product qualityEfficiencyEfficiency larger than 80% when DC output full loading with 230VAC input voltage
Over temperature protectionWhen the inside temperature of PSU rise to100~120℃,The PSU will shutdown and latch off until inside temperature of PSU drop to 70℃,then it will restart automatically.

Short Circuited Protection

When the output terminal is short circuit, the power supply will be protected, will not result in fire, electric shock or damage the power supply
Over load ProtectionWhen the load rate of PSU is up to 105 to 150% ,The PSU will be in the hiccup mode, then it will recover automatically while the load is down to the standard
FeatureHigh efficiency, long life and high practicality, natural cooling
Noise & ripple<200mV
MTBF>10000 hours
Load regulationA ±5%
EnvironmentalOperating temperature-10℃to 45℃
Storage temperature-20℃to 75℃
Operating humidity20% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage humidity10% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
PhysicalCase dimensions140mm(5.51in) X 105mm(4.13in) X 45mm(1.77in)
Case ColorWhite Rainproof Shell

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A: Yes, we are a POE Switches & Power Supply factory.
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A: Regular 1 year.
Q3: Do you accept OEM?
A: Sure, we accept OEM.
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